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Image ConanImage ConanText Conan Edogawa

Text Conan Edogawa

He has the appearance of a child, but his true identity is Shinichi Kudō, the high school detective known as the Saviour of the Japanese Police Department.

He was forced to drink a drug by some mysterious men in black, while on a date at an amusement park with his childhood friend Ran, causing his body to shrink.

Since that day, in order to keep his identity hidden, he takes on the alias Conan Edogawa. While staying at the home of his childhood friend Ran Mōri, he spends his days unraveling cases sent his way, doing all he can to return his body to its original state. Studies in Teitan Elementary School Class 1B.

Image ShinichiImage ShinichiText Shinichi Kudo

Text Shinichi Kudo

A high school detective who is a fervent admirer of Sherlock Holmes. 17 years old, born on the 4th of May, he studies at Teitan High School in Class 2B. His talents are soccer, and clears his thoughts through juggling or lifting soccer balls.

While at the amusement park (Tropical Land) with his childhood friend Ran, he came across some men in black in the midst of shady dealings, and was forced to drink an experimental drug "APTX4869", and has been missing since then. (Shinichi has been trapped in a child's body since he was forced to drink the drug)

Image RanImage RanText Ran Mori

Text Ran Mori

Shinichi's childhood friend and classmate in Teitan High School Class 2B. A high school girl skilled in both letters and arms, she is the team captain and local champion of the karate club.

Ran has always had a soft spot for Shinichi, and is still waiting for his return after his sudden disappearance. She sometimes catches a glimpse of Shinichi in the midst of Conan's deductions. Aside from Conan, she also takes care of the Junior Detective League like a mother would.

Image AiImage AiText Ai Haibara

Text Ai Haibara

Her appearance is that of a child, but her true identity is that of a former researcher of the black organization who developed the experimental drug Shinichi was forced to drink. Her code name was Sherry.

She betrayed the organization when her sister was killed. By taking the same drug, she shrunk and took the form of an elementary school student.

Currently staying hidden with the help of Professor Agasa, she now works on an antidote while attending Teitan Elementary School along with Conan in Class 1B.

Image KidImage KidText Kid the Phantom Thief

Text Kid the Phantom Thief

Internationally wanted criminal #1412. A mastermind who specialises in the theft of large jewels. Each theft is preceded by a crime notice, and the targeted jewel is always masterfully stolen in front of an onlooking audience.
He is skilled in disgusing his appearance and his voice.

Image ToruImage ToruText Toru Amuro

Text Toru Amuro

Impressed by Kogoro's deductions (under the manipulation of Conan), Tōru is a private detective who convinced Kogoro to take him in as his disciple. A 29 year old with a brilliant mind, and adept at sports. Works part time at Café Poirot.

His real identity is that of a police officer of the Tokyo Metropolican Police Department Public Security Bureau (alias Zero), Rei Furuya. Infiltrate to the black organization, he uses the 3 separate identities of Amuro, Furuya and Bourbon.

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