Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Before PlayingBefore Playing

What are the recommended device specifications?

■ iPhone 5 and later / iPad Air / iPad mini 4 / iPod Touch 6G and later devices
(iOS 8.0 and later)

■ Android devices
(Android OS 5.0 - Lollipop - or later)
※ Excludes certain devices. We seek your understanding that we are unable to offer support if devices other than the recommended devices are used.

■ Please be sure to use this application with the appropriate OS versions.
※ We seek your understanding in that the application may not function correctly, depending on each user's device and unique usage.

Do I have to pay to play?

You are able to play the game for free.
Paid services are also available for players who want a more indulgent gameplay experience.
Please enjoy the game to your means.
※ Data usage incurred during gameplay is separately chargeable.

Can I download and play the game even if my device does not meet the recommended specifications?

While it is possible to download and play the game on devices other than the recommended ones, the performance cannot be guaranteed on those devices.
Please be aware that we will be unable to assist you in the event where the game becomes unplayable.

Can I continue my game from another device?

When playing on a recommended device, it is possible to transfer data via a user ID and password. Additionally, it is also possible to transfer data between different OS (iOS ⇔ Android).
※ After data is transferred, it is not recommended to play the game on multiple devices, as it may cause problems.

Will there be issues if I change my device date and time?

If you change the time settings on your device, you may cause problems with the game data.
In worst case, the game data might become corrupted.
Please note that the game data can not be recovered if the game data is corrupted due to the intentional change of the time setting.
※ Adjusting for differences in time zones is OK

What should I not do while playing the game?

Please check the Detective Conan Runner: Race to the Truth Terms of Use for inappropriate behavior in the game.
If any inappropriate behaviors are identified, appropriate measures and penalties may be taken, including account termination.
In addition, we ask for your cooperation so that you can enjoy the game with confidence, without worry of being limited by inappropriate behavior.

Developers' request

Updating the game in an environment with poor data signal may cause data loss or corruption.
Please play the game in a place with good data signal.
In the event that a problem occurs in the in-game data due to the effect of communication failure, please be aware that we may not be able to resolve the issue.

In addition, we are unable to handle refunds of in-app purchases, regardless of usage.

About GameplayAbout Gameplay

A connection error message appears and I can't access the game.

In the event of high latency or poor signal, you may be unable to access the game.
Additionally, updating the game in an environment with poor data signal may cause data loss or corruption.
Please try re-connecting in an area with a better connection.

If you are still unable to connect, please check the game Information for any notice of maintenance due to connectivity issues.
In the event that there are no maintenance notices, please contact us through Customer Support.

The game is not proceeding normally.

Please attempt the following:

■ Restart the device
Please try to restart the device first.
After restarting the device, please close all running apps and re-launch the game.

■ Confirmation of information
If there is no improvement, please check if there is any notice regarding the issue in the game's Information menu.
If there is no notice, please send us a report with the details of the issue through the Contact Us function.

Bug and ErrorsBug and Errors

I am unable to start the application.

■ Please check if it is a recommended device
If your terminal is not a recommended device, it may not work properly.
Please note that we do not guarantee the game's operation on devices other than the recommended devices.

■ Does the device manufacturer perform any conflicting operations?
Despite the use of a reccomended device, this application may not start up on a device where the manufacturer is running an operation (background or foreground) that is recognised by the developer.
Please note that it will not be supported in this case.

■ Is there sufficient free space in the device?
Apart from the free space at the time of downloading the application itself, additional space for saved files are required.
If there is not enough free space for creating saved files, please increase the free space on the device and try again.

■ Exiting other running applications
If you are running a large number of apps at the same time, please try again after closing the other apps.

■ Please try to restart the terminal
If there is no improvement after reviewing the above, please try clearing the cache and restarting the device.

The application is unstable.

In the event where the device's performance is slow or unstable , please verify the following:

■ Quit all other applications.
Please close all running apps and try again.

■ Restart the app.
Please close and restart the application.

■ Please check the free memory capacity of your device. (Android only)
If the free space is insufficient, free up more memory space and try again.


Withdrawing, or leaving the game.

Simply uninstall the application if you wish to leave the game.
Before uninstalling the application, you may want to save the ID and password, should you decide to perform a data transfer upon re-installation.
In addition, please be assured that Detective Conan Runner: Race to the Truth, is a free application and there are no monthly charges.

I did not receive a response from my enquiry.

We attend to all enquiries in sequential order, but the time taken to respond will depend on the content of the inquiry.
Also, if you do not receive a response after a few days, please contact us again after confirming the following points:

■ Was you email changed after making the enquiry?
If so, please enquire again with the updated email address.

■ Is the spam blocker turned on?
1. Allowed domains settings, spam blockers are enabled.
Please update settings to allow emails from conanrunner_ensupport@bushiroad.com
2. Email spoofing protection is enabled.
3. Your email is set to refuse mails from URLs

In the above scenarios, please disable protection, or inquire from a separate email account.

※ We seek your understanding where we may not respond to enquiries of the following nature:
1. There is already an existing response in the game Information.
2. The issue is judged to pertain to personal opinion or undisclosed information.

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