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The more users pre-registered, the more rewards you get!The more users pre-registered, the more rewards you get!

Pre-registration Campaign RewardsPre-registration Campaign Rewards

Terms of Use

Pre-registration Terms of Use

・The total number of pre-registrants will be the sum total of the number of registrants from the official website, the number of pre-orders on the platform app stores, as well as the number of followers on the official SNS platforms.

・Each player will only receive 1 set of pre-registration campaign rewards when the game launches. The rewards received are non-transferable.

・Rewards may be invalidated in the following scenarios:

1) Violation of the rules and terms of use

2) Removal due to violation of rules

3) When the players' mobile device is not supported

・The duration of the pre-registration campaign, campaign rewards, and timing of reward distribution may be subject to change without notice.

・Information related to the service will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

・We seek your understanding in that we will not be able to respond to enquiries regarding game content, formal release date, and details of rewards prior to the actual launch of the game.

・This campaign is run independently by Bushiroad International Pte Ltd, and it has nothing to do with Apple, Google, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

・Player information acquired by Bushiroad International Pte Ltd through pre-registration will be used within the boundaries defined by the Privacy Policy and Consent to Submit Personal Information.

Players registering through e-mail

Please confirm the following details before pre-registering:

・Ensure that your e-mail address in entered correctly.

・Ensure that e-mail spam filters allow addresses ending with "" to come through.

・Also, in the event that a confirmation of registration is not received after the registration process is completed, please check the following:

1) Is the confirmation email in Spam folder?

2) Is the spam blocker set to allow email from ""?

・By keying in your e-mail address into the "Pre-register with your email address" form, you are deemed to have read the details of this pre-registration campaign.

Players registering through other means

・Upon registering with the official pre-registration website, official platform app stores, as well as official SNS accounts, you are deemed to have read the details of this pre-registration campaign.

・If you register via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, please be reminded that you will not receive a confirmation notice of your pre-registration via e-mail, messages or direct messages.

・You may, on the account you have pre-registered with, receive messages related to this service.

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